What you contribute is not the issue. Contributing is!

Cheques Made Out To: ADESTE
c/o JO LEE Magazine
44 Charles Street West
Toronto – Canada. M4Y.1R7

Foresight requires a curiosity as deep as it is boundless …
and our greatest incentive should be in helping those who are young.
We give you then, an ‘open’ invitation to embrace those
who may otherwise not be recognized
and assist them in ‘seeing the future before it arrives’.


As you know, young people, whether in Business, at School, in Community Centers, Clubs have been an on-going concern of ours, particularly in these times of unrest. Their goals, their dreams are far greater – than what the yesterdays could have ever begun to comprehend! For this reason – we all must help. And we bring to your attention what we believe is a brilliant way to recognize these younger people and importantly, give them ‘the will’ to dream bigger and beyond. We ourselves, pay no salaries/few administrative costs, so more than 99% of all monies received can be used, wisely.