About Adeste


Come 2003  ~  we saw THE PRESTIGIOUS ADESTE GOLD MEDAL being born.

JO LEE Magazine and its worldwide readers would become dedicated to the support of The ADESTE Medal. {Latin translation:  to be present }  An award taking as its credo the lessons behind Man To Universe.   www.adestelive.com

ADESTE touches ‘the 40 and under’ Heroes giving them ‘the will’ to dream bigger / to ‘see the future before it arrives’.  The Nominees must have contributed outstanding benefits to humanity within the categories of Humanities, Social Justice, Technology, Arts, and Medicine.

ADESTE is not about money.

ADESTE is about a Medal of Honor.  About assisting Laureates in further achieving their dreams.
THE recognized activity achieved by the Candidate should be a humanitarian act of significant magnitude which positively benefits mankind by advancing the ability to meet a basic need or should be a new, original, and meaningful discovery.

IN 2006  ~  Jo Lee developed The ADESTE Academy.

IT was a fascinating twist to The ADESTE Gold Medal: providing university education for African students who’ve completed high school amidst great adversity.

THE ADESTE Academy embraces the future of educated minds for unsung heroes, caught within total despair.  Education –  from demise to transition. www.adestelive.com  

REMEMBER!  Jo Lee pays no salaries.  And her extended family of phenomenal volunteers love the continual feeling of giving : to you from me!